Sex, Blood & Rock n Roll

Sex, Blood & Rock n Roll

Avelina De Moray

'Sex Blood & Rock n Roll' is a Podcast brought to you by Avelina De Moray, a successful Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Designer & Musician from Sydney, Australia. Within the podcast, Avelina talks about her beautifully macabre aesthetic & interests, showcases her Gothic home & decor styling, shares business tips, performs original music & covers.She also speaks of her own spiritual awakening, meditation techniques, sex & love advice, parenting tips, and fashion/makeup reviews. This is a jam-packed podcast that will surely delight the devilish darkness that resides within you. Avelina has a cheeky, humorous & intelligent way with her words. You will soon be hooked on this weekly show! Sex Blood & Rock n Roll is a VIDEO PODCAST, watch on Youtube NOW!. Filmed by @tje_media

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0:00 INTRO
0:40 I speak about my upcoming video clip for my single CRUEL.
2:42  I'm a semi-finalist in the Australia Songwriting Association Awards!!
3:30 I share preview photos of the Dani Divine Collection!
4:15 Spirituality: Let's talk about Abraham Hicks.
Can you see the best in someone that annoys you? Can you rise above their flaws and consciously try to see them in another light?

I speak about the Honey Birdette Latex Tights.....Sadly I only wore them once and then broke them!

THELMA BLOUSE by Killstar:
My jacket is by Killstar, but it's a few years old and is no longer on their website.
4-Way Stretch PVC Leggings Lip service:

7:17  I won the songwriters event that was on this evening at The Press, & have included a little snippet of my song 'Like A Drug'

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