Wabi Sabi - The Perfectly Imperfect Podcast with Candice Kumai

Wabi Sabi - The Perfectly Imperfect Podcast with Candice Kumai

Candice Kumai

Coined "the golden girl of wellness" by ELLE & FORBES, Candice Kumai, 6x bestselling author, chef, wellness writer and model shares with us her painfully-imperfect life lessons and experiences that have shaped her 17 year career in media, publishing, wellness, food, modeling and content creation. Arianna Huffington named Candice "Top 20 NEW role model"+ Kumai is proud to share with you how to transform your life, accept the beauty of imperfection and mend what feels broken --- with Japanese repair. In short, you'll learn to shine from the inside out. Please welcome one of the most "real" girls in media crushing the wellness game. Candice has penned 6 best-selling books, sits on the Well + Good council, is a regular contributor to Goop, Cosmo, Bon Appetit, Men's Health, E! Daily Pop, Vogue, Forbes + Byrdie...and she can't wait to share how to transform all of our perfectly imperfect lives. Welcome wabi sabi and all the life lessons your perfectly imperfect heart desires. Subscribe now! Sign up for Candice’s newsletter asap: http://eepurl.com/wMCN5 LEARN MORE: CandiceKumai.com Pick up my new game-changing book, Kintsugi Wellness: https://www.amazon.com/Kintsugi-Wellness-Japanese-Nourishing-Spirit/dp/0062669850 Visit my new web shoppe, like asap: https://thematchashoppe.com/

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If you need a moment of fresh air, breathing, birds singing, chimes, calm - here it is - enjoy friends xx ck

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