The Practical Magic Podcast

The Practical Magic Podcast

Margo Roth

Just two vintage loving friends gabbing about fashion, self love, and small biz ownership.

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Practical Magic No. 13: Christmas Extravaganzaaaaa!!!!! We talk favorite Christmas memories and how to thrift for great Christmas gifts!

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  • 14 - Practical Magic No. 13: Christmas Extravaganzaaaaa!!!!!  
    Fri, 25 Dec 2020
  • 13 - Practical Magic No. 12: Dealing with TROLLS...Plus Goodie Bag drop and Christmas beauty wish list! 
    Sun, 13 Dec 2020
  • 11 - Practical Magic No. 11: Quilt Creations!!!!! Exercise and Thrifting Christmas Gifts! 
    Fri, 04 Dec 2020
  • 10 - Practical Magic No. 10: Small Biz Episode!  
    Fri, 20 Nov 2020
  • 9 - Practical Magic No. 9: Holiday chat, fav new products, and a little early Christmas cheer! 
    Fri, 13 Nov 2020
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