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Starpoint Radio

Starpoint Radio на живо

You are never alone with starpoint Radio.

Starpoint Radio, founded in 1985, is a renowned online soul music station based in London, UK. Overcoming early regulatory challenges as an unlicensed station, it legally broadcasted for the first time in 1991 under a restricted license. 

Today, Starpoint Radio is known for its eclectic mix of soul music, including classic and contemporary soul, jazzfunk, boogie, and soulful house music. Operating as an internet radio station since 2005, it continues to cater to a diverse audience with a rich array of soulful sounds. Starpoint Radio's enduring presence and evolution reflect its commitment to quality soul music and its significant place in the UK's musical landscape.

Категории:  Soul, Jazz, House

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Сити: Online




46 Jasper Rd, Norwood, London SE19, UK


0044 (0)7957 195762


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