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The Ben Armstrong Show is all about truth. Ben is a proud Christian Conservative. That means if you are a Communist or a anti-American, you will hate him. Everyone else will love his show. We live in a world filled with fear and intimidation so that the truth won’t be spoken. Ben Armstrong says the things others are afraid to say.. You will receive information and truth to arm you against the lies. Watch every weekday on SEE YA!

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Previously Aired 2/1/24

Major warnings continue to flow out of our intel agencies. What does all of this mean?  Watch the video for much more information.

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Video Sources:1. New York Post – FBI Director Christopher Wray explains China’s threat to U.S. Cyber Security

2. CISA – Opening Statement by CISA Director Jen Easterly

UPDATE ON BEN: Please CLICK HERE for an update on Ben’s situation.

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